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Research indicates that 63 percent of hiring decisions are made in the first four minutes of the interview, and that interviews alone miss the mark over 80 percent of the time. Studies have also shown that nearly 70 percent of all employees are in positions where they are not entirely satisfied and/or effective. Can your organization afford to make key hiring and promotions decisions with only part of the "puzzle"?

Our mission is to provide consulting solutions that drive strategic business results. PCI’s integrated competency based systems will help you…

• Assess fit of candidates.
• Streamline hiring and promotion processes.
• Retain high-potential employees.
• Develop leaders at every level. 
• Plan proactively for future leadership positions.    
• Increase employee retention.
• Prevent hiring mistakes.
• Provide career direction to valuable employees.
• Manage career transition process effectively.
• Mitigate legal and employee morale issues.
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